The Clone Wars Series Overview

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After Disney bought Lucasfilm at the end of 2012 (yes, it was that long ago already), the internet almost exploded.  It was "as millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced," because despite the occasional announcement, there has been no official news in almost a year and a half.

The first Disney Star wars material has already been released, though.  There was minimal fanfare and it may have even gone under the radar for many, but the 6th season of The Clone Wars animated series has been released on Netflix.

The Clone Wars started as a short animated movie in 2008 and was followed by 5 seasons on Cartoon Network.  The series takes place between Episodes II and Episode III and chronicles the Clone Wars as the title suggests.

I've heard many disparaging remarks, because the show is, admittedly, guilty of many of the same tropes as the prequels.  Jar-Jar Binks has a few episodes, and there are some childish moments with some droids and various goofy aliens, but on the whole, there is some solid Star Wars moments in the show.

It was about the time that a resurrected Darth Maul takes over the Mandalorian army, who paint their armor to match his red and black tattooed skin, and Obi-Wan captures one and puts his armor on that I started thinking "this is what I wanted to see in the prequels."  It basically put everything that is cool about Star Wars into one moment.  There are many moments in this show that I would consider right up there with some of the more epic moments of the entire universe at this point.

The politics that got wearisome in the prequel trilogy were also much more deftly handled.  Palpatine's rise from Senator to Emperor becomes even more apparent and impressive as we get to see him force a banking crisis, which he then uses to politically maneuver the senate to cheer him on as he assumes direct control over the banks to ensure "financial security" for the Republic.

The series is Executive Produced by George Lucas, which means it is about as pure Star Wars canon as you can get, meaning it is relevant to existing movies and will be relevant to the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels TV show as well as future Disney Star Wars movie installments.

The first 5 seasons were produced under Lucasfilm prior to purchase, but the 6th season was produced under Disney.  The transition appeared seamless.  Other than the Netflix logo at the start of each episode, nobody will have any reason to tell the difference.

The 5th season is by far the best, but the 6th season does have its moments.  The 6th season was only half the length of the prior seasons, but served to effectively wind down the galaxy to properly lead in to Revenge of the Sith with some additional material to explain the Skywalker prophecy and the presence of force ghosts in the Original Trilogy when they were entirely absent in the prequels.

Disney is definitely not tiptoeing around when it comes to expanding Star Wars lore right out the gate in a fun and exciting way.  I enjoyed their first contribution to the Star Wars Universe and look forward to Star Wars: Rebels, for which I'm sure I'll post weekly reviews.

The moral of the story is, if you're a Star Wars fan, go watch The Clone Wars.  I don't care if you hated the prequels and won't forgive George Lucas, the show actually goes a long way to fix issues in the prequels.  Anakin is also awesome in the show.  Basically it'll make you forget about Hayden Christensen.

There is an endless supply of stories that can take place in this universe, and the Clone Wars is effective proof of that, plus, it's the best way to hold yourself over until Episode VII in  2015.  Clone Wars now, Rebels in the fall, then we have new Star Wars.  Then I'm sure we'll all have enough to complain about until the next movie.

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