HTC Teases One Features in Technical Translations Videos [UPDATED]

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Although the details surrounding the All New HTC One have all but been officially confirmed, HTC is still teasing some of the technical aspects of the impending superphone.

To be fair, none of the leaks have been able to verify any specific technical specifications, aside from "The camera is great," or "Boomsound is super loud," so there's still some mystery left for HTC to unveil.

Fortunately, this is the very aspect they have been teasing over on their YouTube page.  Without confirming anything more than we already know about the All New HTC One, HTC has produced a "Technical Translations" series, where some of the more interesting--and as yet unleaked--specs are teased.

The first video is about Boomsound.  Boomsound is probably the most shining star of the features in HTC's lineup.  Still unmatched by any other brand, it appears Boomsound is about to move to version 2.0, placing the company two full generations ahead of all competitors in this category.

The second video is about the HTC One's metal unibody form factor.  This has been heavily leaked in images, but HTC's design never fails to impress.  I'll be one of the many watching design featurettes with the body getting milled out of a solid piece of metal on their YouTube page once the phone has officially launched.

The third video is about the Ultra-Pixel camera.  This is likely the most "censored" of their videos, which would seem to suggest that the new camera(s) will be packed full of quite a few new and improved features and capabilities.  The true functionality of the dual cameras has yet to be revealed in full, but I wouldn't be surprised to se a post shutter selective focus, and improved HDR/resolution due to the dual Ultra-Pixel and probably 13ish MP second camera team up as I've already written.

[UPDATE] HTC is still releasing new videos, the newest of which teases enhancements to ZOE and video highlights.  These are all software oriented and might not be as exciting as some other new improvements, but many fans of the HTC One loved the ZOE, so maybe HTC has something even better up their sleeve still.

That being said, all the information we have is still only based on speculation and vague leaks.  The phone in full will be revealed on March 25th and will hopefully be in our hands very shortly after.

I am still thrilled with my HTC One from last year, so it will be a grand slam in my book if HTC merely iterates with slight improvements across the board.  There is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the greatest--if not the best--Android smartphones available this year.  The focus this year will most likely be on HTCs marketing, since the quality of their phones could be considered a given at this point.

They can make the best smartphone, but can they sell the best smartphone?

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