Batman Returns in Arkham Knight

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Fans of the Arkham series will be glad to hear that there is yet another Batman game coming this fall in the form of Batman: Arkham Knight.  The first trailer for the game has been released and it appears to be exceptionally epic.

Although it seems not everyone liked Arkham Origins as much as I did, the gameplay mechanics were definitely refined and perfected and the story was compelling, despite retreading some of the most common Batman tropes.

Arkham Knight takes place after Arkham City, whereas Arkham Origins served (as the title suggests) more as an introduction to Batman and provided the (wait for it) origin story for Arkham Asylum.  It looks like a good chunk of the rogues gallery (hopefully minus joker) plus an additional new character, the "Arkham Knight," will be featured in the new game.

Readers of the Batman story arc "Battle for the Cowl" may find the Arkham Knight reminiscent of Jason Todd, who wore a similar Batman costume as a much more brutal vigilante more reminiscent of The Punisher than Batman.  This would make sense as Dick Greyson's Knightwing and Tim Drake's Robin have both made appearances in previous games, but no iteration of Jason Todd's Robin, Red Hood, Hush, or any other of his personas has yet made an appearance.

The Jason Todd story has also been a strong source of emotion in many Batman stories, playing a part in many of the best Batman arcs, even getting a nod in Frank Miller's (out of canon) The Dark Knight Returns.

It's entirely possible it's a different "new" character, but I for one would love to have the opportunity to explore the Jason Todd story through the Arkham continuity, which I think would be a brilliant context to place the character.

Either way, the game promises new gadgets and new combat styles that incorporate the now drivable Batmobile (which we see hinted at in the trailer), so I for one can't wait to get my hands on this come October.

In the meantime, there will be DLC available for Arkham Origins ($10 or free with season pass) in April, featuring new equipment and a Mr. Freeze storyline with several hours of additional gameplay.

I also wonder if this game will in any way effect the Batman vs. Superman movie coming in 2016.  I mentioned before that Bruce Wayne in Arkham Origins does resemble Ben Affleck (sort of a cross between Affleck and Bale to be honest).  There will be no new Batman origins story prior to Batman vs. Superman, so it would be interesting to see this serve as an unofficial backstory to the Batfleck.

That idea does seem far fetched, but either way, it will at the very least tide Batman fans over until we get to see the Caped Crusader on the big screen once again.

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