Titanfall Needs More Than Just Multiplayer

2/16/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

EA gave an Valentines gift to all the single gamers out there in the form of a limited beta test of Titanfall.  The game has been very much anticipated and is re  Although I am not single, I did manage to get about 9 hours in this weekend, and I'm not sure I care to spend money on this game.

First of all, yes.  This is a beta.  I'm aware there is way more to the game than what I have been playing.  My problem with the game is more of a fundamental issue.  I had a great time playing for the time that I did, but I got pretty bored after hour 2.

For such a complicated game, it is excessively repetitive.  I recognize that's the nature of multiplayer, I've put hundreds of hours into Counter-strike: Source and Counter-strike: Go, so I'm clearly ok with repetitive multiplayer, but Counter-strike has much more weight to it and has a much more competitive nature, whereas Titanfall is basically non-stop fenetic running and explosions that starts to run together after a few matches.  I've played around 60 matches of varying game types and I couldn't distinguish any one of them from the others.

Even after 5 hours of Titanfall, I was still thinking I'd go ahead and pre-order it until I found out there is no single player campaign in the plans for this game.  The devs claim not may people even play single player and only a small percentage of them even finish it.  I don't really know what theu're talking about, because all I could think about while playing the beta was how much I wanted to explore this universe outside of multiplayer. 

There are some "story elements" woven in to multiplayer through throwaway dialogue by NPC soldiers, but that's not enough for me.  I may be in the minority in my single player preference, but this aesthetic and universe deserves more than repetitive arena style combat.  If I'm the exception here, then I guess the problem is with gamers being shallow and not with EA/Respawn.  This world just begs to have more exploration of it's characters and lore.  It is way more compelling as a single player campaign in my book.

This seems to be the direction the industry is going, because it's far more profitable, but it's not compelling enough for me to spend $60 on it.  If there is DLC that adds a campaign or the price drops to $20 or so, then I'll be interested, but as it stands, I have no more interest in the game.

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