Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer [Updated With Full Trailer]

2/18/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

[Update with full trailer at bottom of post] We finally have official footage from Guardians of the Galaxy, albeit in a 19 second teaser trailer (anyone else getting tired of these trailers for trailers?).  We don't get to see much outside of a general look and feel and it looks and feels awesome.

The official is scheduled to drop tonight, so I will be sure to update this post with the 2 minute plus version when it's available.

We get a good glimpse at most characters, except Rocket Raccoon, who is conveniently hidden behind Groot's head at the 15 second mark, but we can see his blazing gun.

The footage has a very sort of surreal gritty look to it.  Something that's not surprising from James Gunn, who comes from many projects in the Zack Snyder camp.

I won't tear this up too much since in the next 12 hours we are likely to get something to dig our teeth into, so I will be sure to include that here once it drops.


Here's the official, full length trailer in all its glory!

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