Batman vs. Superman Casting

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So fanboys are all in a rage again because they don't agree with Zack Snyder's casting choices.  Again.  Which is perplexing to me, because I'm not familiar with a medium so encouraging of the re-imagination of character presentation than comic books.

First of all, the new Alfred is Jeremy Irons.  I don't think anyone minds this.  I actually think it might be the coolest Alfred we've seen yet.  I'm a big fan of Michael Caine's Alfred, but Jeremy Irons has this edge that I think will bring a gritty element to this movie that only his voice can achieve.

Not to compare him directly to Michael Caine, but this specific monologue from The Dark Knight Rises is what excites me about Irons.  I want to hear him say stuff like this.

Like I said, though. Nobody cares about Jeremy Irons.  He's an old British dude that gets to be Batfleck's butler.  That's chill..

However, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.  Wow, are people mad about that one..  I would go more in depth about all the early declarations of failure and grandiose "this movies is going down in flames" statements, but I basically just wrote about that.

Oldschool super rich evil supervillains are so outdated.  The Mark Zuckerberg version of Lex is so much more socially relevant.  I've seen enough captain planet style villains in my lifetime.

Also, there are more than one comic book continuities.  Complaining about who is cast as this version is like complaining that they didn't bring back Clooney as Batman for the Nolan movies.  Which Luthor did you want? The Gene Hackman with hair Luthor?  The Kevin Spacey bald Luthor?  The John Shea one with hair?

Speaking of Lex Luthor's hair, you know why he's bald?

I don't know, but that makes the whole "Lex Luthor MUST BE BALD" thing seem sorta lame...

There's a very specific reason Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor.  Some fain made trailers are starting to appear online that show exactly why it makes sense, but this little snippet I think encapsulates the type of dynamic he will bring.

I also always go back to the fact that Zack Snyder has made the seemingly impossible work onscreen before.  Look at Watchmen or 300.  These are films that many people wound generally consider unfilmable prior to their release, but Zack Snyder made them look amazing in a way that no one else can truly replicate.

I'm actually more positive about the Eisenberg casting than any of the other casting so far.  This will be a great version of Lex Luthor and I can't wait.

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