How to be a Proper Prosumer

5/29/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Several years ago, I remember sitting in my dorm room when my roommate pulled up this video.  It blew my mind. 

It really astonishes me that this video is 6 years old and doesn't have even 1 million views.  I would expect it to have gone viral, especially since many of the things mentioned have already come true in some ways.

I had always been a tech enthusiast, I was dabbling in social networking, and I enjoyed the Internet as a consumer. I think everyone has a responsibility to not only consume, but also to produce.  I don't mean that everyone needs to be a hardcore blogger or be verified on Twitter.  I'm just saying it's important that everyone shares their opinion instead of surrendering the content of the Internet to trolls. 

Because of the Internet, it is now easier than ever to access information, but often it is in fact too easy. So easy that it often resembled drinking from a fire hose.  I want to read everything, but then I get burned out and have to take a break.  Then I want to share everything, but can only share so many pictures of my dinner before I feel sick and take a break.

In an attempt at moderation, I will be working at making my site a little more consumable for the consumers, but also tapering my own consumption to balance myself out as what I feel a proper prosumer should be.  This includes actually purchasing my domain ( and doing some visual and organizational revamping of my site.  Most importantly, I've been looking at my analytics and have been entertained to see what content seems to resonate with readers the best, so I will try and target that, but at the end of the day, it's my site and I intent to write about whatever I damn well please.

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