HTC One First Impressions

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So I'm coming to the end of my first weekend with the HTC One.  I know there are plenty of reviews out there, so I'm going to refrain from adding to the noise with my own.  I am only going to write a few words about my personal experience with the phone.

I can't leave the phone down.  It is the most aesthetically and tactually pleasing electronic device I have ever come in contact with.  There have been some comments about size, button placement, and etc.  It fits in my hand just fine.  I have absolutely no trouble manipulating the screen or buttons.

Boomsound.  Awesome.  Clear and loud.  I didn't even realize half the time I was on a smartphone speaker until I'd hear another speaker to compare.  I have an original Jambox I will now have to find an alternate use for, because I don't see a significant benefit in using it over the built in speakers on my One.

I have had 2 Nexus devices in a row previous to this, so I got in a habit of not taking a many pictures, but I have been using the camera on the One extensively.  They look great.  Both in day and night.  I'm not all about HD images, so I don't spend time putting them up on larger displays and zooming in.  If that's your biggest priority, then you should do some more homework.  For me, I am more than pleased.  Zoes and highlights are also fantastic.  HTC has hit it big with the Ultra Pixel camera.

I am speed testing close to 10 Mbps faster on average with this phone than I was with my Galaxy Nexus (both on Sprint LTE).  The software performance is also buttery smooth and I haven't had any issues whatsoever.  Phenomenal UI and UX.

Battery life doesn't deserve its own section, because it's not anything fantastic, and it's not like I can have an accurate picture with my limited use.  I can just say I have been out and about all weekend and only had to charge it at night.  That's with excessive speed testing, camera use, video watching, downloads, etc.

I also got in trouble at Buffalo Wild Wings for turning off all their TVs using the built in IR blaster.  I should be careful with that one before I over abuse it.

I have no complaints.  The only thing that has bothered me slightly is the capacitive buttons, but I have been spoilt by the on screen buttons on the nexus, so likely I'm just learning to adjust.

I can't say enough good things about this phone.  I've been using it non stop and loving every second of it.  I've been showing it off to just about everyone I talk to.  It's a conversation starter on it's own also.

HTC has done everything right by my book.  Unfortunately, every carrier store I've been in has said that the phone hasn't gotten much interest from anyone.  I called to make a payment yesterday and there was an automated message saying that pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 were already sold out and to try a store on launch day.  I hope HTC doesn't get washed off the map in the Samsung advertising tsunami.  This is an important device and I would love to give HTC my money any time they make one like this.

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