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4/26/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

I got my HTC media link recently and gave it a brief whirl.  It's been available for around a year now, but I just got my HTC One, so it seemed worthwhile to check out.

The device itself is nothing special.  It's black and smooth.  Not something that's really designed to be looked at, but not entirely ugly at the same time.

It connects to your TV or monitor via HDMI and is powered by a USB cable.  All pieces are included.  I installed it on my cumputer monitor, so I used the USB port on the back of my computer instead of the included dongle.

The USB cable included is actually longer and feels like better quality than the one that came with my One.  I didn't need to stretch it far to get power, so I swapped with my phone charger.  I have more phone chargers than outlets at home, but whatever.

There's a clip to stick it to whatever you want.  I don't know that I want it permanently anywhere, and I hate putting foreign adhesives on my electronics for any reason ever, so I didn't.

Setup is really easy.  I plugged everything in and slid 3 fingers up the screen of my phone and voila!

That's when I realized I have no use for this product.  Most of my storage is in the cloud, so I rarely have anything on my device I need to zap up to my display, as it would be easier to just display it through my PC.  Any streaming services, such as Netflix, are going to be available via my PC, and there's just enough latency to make games not worthwhile, besides the fact that I have better games on the PC.

It would be one thing if there were a way to do it without having to use a different input on my monitor, so I could bring it up and down at will, but it's just complicated enough to not be simple.

It did look amazing though.  The menus and animations really looked good on a 1080p display.  I'm used to phone UI looking blown out and pixelated on this scale, but HTC did a phenomenal job making Sense 5 gorgeous, not just on my phone, but also on a monitor or TV.

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