The Incredible Hulk Avengers Continuity

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This may or may not be too obscure for anyone other than me to care about... But anyone remember that scene in The Incredible Hulk with Tony Stark?  This is the Edward Norton Hulk that no one saw, not the Eric Bana Hulk that no one saw.  It came out right after that first Iron Man movie that everyone saw.

Even casual moviegoers are probably now familiar with the post credits scenes in Marvel movies.  The first of which was at the end of Iron Man and served to officially launch Avengers Phase 1 (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers).  Each of which has an after credits scene teasing another tie in.

Well, The Incredible Hulk was the second of the Marvel Phase 1 movies to come out and, as I already mentioned,  nobody saw it.  Of those that did, few of them caught the marvel tie-ins or after credits scene.

Anyway, in light of the current state of the Marvel shared universe, the Hulk tie-ins don't make much sense.  The Incredible Hulk after credits scene includes Tony Stark going in to a bar and suggesting that SHIELD wants to recruit The Hulk.  Well, as Iron Man 2, and the beginning of The Avengers will tell us, Tony Stark wants nothing to do with SHIELD or the Avengers, so it's a little weird that he would be playing the role of Nick Fury pawn and doing what Agent Coulson normally does (official Nick Fury bitch).  Furthermore, NOBODY SAW THE INCREDIBLE HULK and then Marvel recast Edward Norton for the Avengers and it kind of got (intentionally?) swept under the rug.

This appears to be fairly problematic on it's face, because  Marvel is otherwise pretty seamless in their universe tie-ins.  Yeah, Hulk came out second (after Iron Man) and maybe they were still figuring it out, but it was such a contradiction I couldn't believe it was ignored.

Anyway.... Enter Marvel one-shots.  Marvel one-shots are like after after credits scenes.  The one that clears up The Incredible Hulk continuity, The Consultant, is included with the Thor DVD, which a lot of people saw, but it was as a special feature, so probably nobody saw it... I see a disconcerting trend here.  Anyway, here you go.

The full clip is available on the Thor DVD (or here).  To clear up what you just saw, though, it's Agent Coulson and Agent Sitwell changing the context of the end credits scene to The Incredible Hulk.  It originally appeared that Tony Stark was attempting to recruit Banner to be a part of The Avengers, but it turns out he was merely a patsy, sent in to stop the General from allowing S.H.I.E.L.D. to use The Abomination as a part of The Avengers initiative (as some of Nick Fury's superiors apparently wanted).

So put your mind at ease!  The continuity is saved via an obscure Marvel one-shot!

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