The Beginning and End of Star Wars

11/09/2012 Unknown 0 Comments

I am one of those people that trusts Disney with Lucasfilm.  I'm not worried about it.

First of all, Disney did not buy Star Wars, the bought Lucasfilm.  Lucasfilm still owns Star Wars.  I just say look to Marvel if you want to know what to expect.

I don't hate George Lucas like many people.  I don't agree with what he did with the series, but that's honestly an entirely different argument.

I'm not going to add to any speculation about the new series just yet.  I will go, I will line up, I will watch it, then get back in line.  I've read my fair share of Star Wars Expanded Universe.  Some is worth reading.  Some is not.  It's good, but I've never felt like it was any sort of essential canon.

My question, is what will change?  Well, Star Wars as we know it is going to change drastically.  I seriously doubt they will use any Expanded Universe in the new movies, which means Star Wars cannon as we know it, is gone.  New cannon will probably apply specifically to the movies.  I'm sure we'll see a lot of elements added in to the new story, but Star Wars will go from a reasonably well defined canon to something more along the line of Marvel or DC comics canon.

Does that mean the sandbox is gone, or just opened up?  I think books, comics, cartoons, and videogames will still continue to be produced.  I think the official cannon will be limited to the official content from Lucasfilm and Disney.  I think the Star Wars Universe as a whole will benefit.

Many hardcore fans will probably be upset, but frankly that's come to be what I expect from most Star Wars fans, it comes with the job.

Most normal people won't notice, won't care, and in a decade, a generation of new fans will not ever even know the difference.

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