Where Does The iPad Mini Fit In?

10/24/2012 Stephen Colbert 0 Comments

Apple announced some awesome stuff yesterday.  I'm not going to really go in depth, because there are much much better places to get that kind of information.  I will say Apple did some things I would consider strategically out of character.  With the iPad mini, they are entering an already saturated market, which is not normal for Apple, but they decided to pitch the iPad mini directly against the Nexus 7, even directly comparing them in the presentation.  Apple has always been more of a nice product, and by comparing the mini to the Nexus 7 I think they shot themselves in the foot.

They validated the Nexus 7 as the tablet to beat, then they drew the similarities.  I will say the iPad mini is beautifully constructed, awesomely thin, and the physical design is nearly flawless, but going into the holidays everyone will be comparing these two tablets and why not, Apple validated the Nexus 7 as an iPad mini alternate in the same way they validated the Galaxy Tab as an iPad alternate.

What will people see when they try to compare the Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini?  The marginal improved design of the mini in size and shape, compared to the better peak battery life, higher pixel density, quad core superiority, and 60% discounted price tag.

I love my Nexus products and will always prefer them, but you can't tell me consumers are going to eat that up this Christmas season.

The iPad mini has an important place in the Apple ecosystem, but that place is not a Nexus challenger.

Also, speaking of the Galaxy Tab, does Samsung know Apple used their tablet during the Apple event?

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