The Post PC World Lacks Legacy Support.

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My trusty Lenovo T61 of 5 years finally died.  That thing lasted me forever.  It should have lasted about half that time.  in 2009, I screwed the fan majorly with some thoughtless use of a can of compressed aid.  It still worked, but it rattled and I had to open the whole thing up to put on more thermal paste and bend the clips so the heat sync would be tighter and a little more efficient to compensate.  Eventually the fan quit and I could no longer even boot.  I managed to scrounge the fan from a friends and dismantle it from the heat sync and cram it in (I had the 14 in and he had the 15 inch model).  It worked great again.  I've always been about a generation behind with most PC games, but I was still able to play both Arkham games on my frankenputer.

Now I just get speaker squeals and jilted matrix text when I try to power it on.

So much for that.  I am now making my first foray into the Mac world.  Not a new retina macbook pro, though.  It's an iMac 5 with an intel core 2 duo and OSX Tiger.  I'm working on a budget that includes the pieces of my T61 and whatever I could find in my parents basement.

Never the less, it's still a nice piece of equipment.  Being a strong Google ecosystem and hardware adopter, I am going to do some ecosystem comparisons and see who's got it going on outside of the standard iPhone vs Android noise.

Step 1, however... is upgrading this mac to Snow Leopard.  The first thing I miss from being an Android/PC user.  Apparently the post PC world doesn't keep archives.  I have the option of purchasing Snow Leopard for $100 or more, purchasing Mountain Lion which won't work, or just sticking with Tiger.

When you have the fragmentation you get with PCs and especially Android, you just happen to have stuff laying around, various install disks and ROMs.  You can find the updates you're looking for online if you know where to look.

Not Apple products though.  Everyone upgrades immediately, purchases new equipment, and never looks back.  Makes sense, but it sure makes the exceptions a pain.

I will eventually be doing a full ecosystem comparison, but with tiger I can't use Netlix, download Chrome, or use most of anything really useful with the current Apple ecosystem, so step 1... is to get Snow Leopard.

So, thanks for that Apple.  I have a keyboard to blog from for now, but I hope you know your lack of legacy support is forcing me to watch Netflix on my Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Which I find ironic.

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